Cube U Designs Is...

Just One Guy

My name is Brenna Johnson and I run this small business so I can make weird shit. I do everything from designing to screen printing to packing. I'm just one independent artist working to make inclusive, ethical fashion.


Shirt Supplier?

I get all my shirts from Port and Company, one of the only apparel manufacturers dedicated to ethical production and ending slavery. Their supply chain complies with the highest ethical standards and guarantees that no sweat shops are used in the production of their garments.

Returns or Exchanges?

Returns are handled on a case-by-case basis. Shipping is non-refundable and if an exchange is necessary cost of shipping must be provided by the customer.


I package and ship orders at least once a week. Once your order is packaged you will receive your package's tracking number. All orders are sent first priority mail. USPS estimates 2-3 days domestic, and 1-3 weeks international shipping.

What Does Cube U Mean?

Growing up I was a huge fan of Animal Crossing. When it came time to make a Club Penguin username (my first form of social media) I misremembered the name of my favorite villager, Cube the penguin. I enthusiastically typed in Cube U and used the username for every other social media I got. Now it just kinda sounds cool.

I'll Straight Up Talk To You Anywhere

But if you want to get serious please email me.

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